New Alpha Spot HPE 700

New Equipment

  • Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700 light

We are very happy to announce that Congo Blue Design has invested in new Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700’s. They are

  • Incredibly small (head length = 415 mm) and lightweight (22 kg)
  • Large savings in handling, installation, storage and consumption costs
  • Extraordinarily wide, fast and linear pan and tilt movements
  • 14,7°- 35° electronic linear zoom and uniform field lens on a dedicated channel
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel + CTO conversion filters
  • Graphic system: 15 gobos + 1 rotating prism
  • Frost effect with adjustable projection angle
  • Hybrid dimmer (100-50% electronic; 50% to zero mechanical)
  • Extremely new design high performance electronics
  • Eco-friendly: may be used instead of very much larger and more expensive spotlights

They complement our purchase last year of Robe Robin 600 LEDWash lights, which continue to perform very well.