Moving Heads

Robe Robin 600 LEDWash

Robe Colour Spot 250AT

Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700

Showtec Infinity iB-2R


Profiles, Frenels & Pars

ETC Source Four Par

ETC Source Four ParNel

ETC Source Four Junior Zoom 25/50

Selecon Acclaim Zoom Spot Profile 18/34

Strand QuartzColour Bambino 1kw

Selecon Acclaim Fresnel

Colour Wash/LED Source

Showtec LED Wireless Uplighter Quad LED (With Upgraded aerials)

Porolights Studio Cob LED Par (Black)

Miltec LED Batten2 RGBW

Lanta Orion Aspect Colour Brick

Studio Due City Colour 1800

Pulsar ChromaPanel

Outdoor & Backstage Lighting

Halogen outdoor flood – 16A 500w/750w

Bulkhead light

Festoon Harness – 16A

Spotlite (White Discharge) – 16A

Control Equipment

Avolites Tiger Touch Pro

Avolites Pearl Tiger

Dimming and Power Distro

Avolites ART2000 36 Dimmer, 12 Hot Power Dimmer Rack

Celco 48 Way Dimmer Rack

24 Way Dimmer Rack – 2 x Jands 12 way dimmers, DMX Split & 63a3 to 32a3 distro

Paradime Dimmer Rack – 2 x Paradime 6 way dimmers, 6x 16A Hot, DMX Split (63a Input)

Zero 88 Beta Pack 2 – 6 Way dimmer (32a1 Input)

Entec ODE

Wireless DMX Wireless Soloution Micro F-1 Lite G4

DMX Distro Showtec Booster 2


Chrome Manual Stand

Black Manual Stand

60kg Wind Up Stand

150kg Winch Stand Strata Mk2

Manfrotto Autopole 2 (2.1-3.7m)

Manfrotto Super Clamp 035C (15kg SWL)


Unique2 Hazer

Antari Smoke Machine

24″ Silver Fan

Magic FX Swirl Fans

Magic FX Co2 Jets

Magic PowerShot

Lighting Cabling

16a Cables – Short/5m/10m/20m/30m

DMX 3Pin – Short/5m/10m/20m

DMX 5Pin – Short/5m/10m

DMX 3Pin – 5pin

DMX 5Pin – 3Pin

SOCA – 5m/10m/20m/30m

SOCA to 16a Breakout Standard/0.5m Staggered/1m Staggered