Moda August ’15

It seems the bi-annual Moda exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham comes round quicker and quicker every season. Once again, we were asked to look after all set and technical aspects for the Gents and Womenswear stages. This year both stages had a distinctively different feel…
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Womenswear Catwalk

The womenwear stage has always been about clean lines, and crisp finishes. This year is no different, although working closely with the Production Element, were able to add a twist this year.

Congo Blue wheeled out there custom 6.5m conveyer belt to float the models across the backwall of the catwalk. With the conveyer belt sunk down and hidden from you, the production team were able to use this as an unexpected twist to show. The result was looks of wonder and amazement and models seem to glide along the background from scene to scene.

From a lighting point of view, 2x Robe Robins and 2x ClayPaky Alpha Spot HPE 700 were used to add colour and texture to the runway as the models moved down the catwalk. To illuminate the back set panels, we once again called upon our new Prolights Studio COBs to produce a range of tones, from subtle pastels right through too hot pinks.

The stage as a whole had a great presence within the room, due to its high set panels and striking lighting. The stage was finished off with 36 of our brand new white benches for audience seating.


Gents Catwalk

The menswear stage has always had more of a cutting edge feel to its stage design. In the past we have used lots of textures to create the set design, but this year we went with more of a natural feel.

The design was based around the use of different types of timber boards. Some were aged, some had been treated in a heavy tar and some were looking fresh from the forest. We mixed these all together to create a distinctive look. These were stood vertically at various heights around the stage. Mixed within these timber structures, we fixed vertical LED Battens, to really bring these structures too life.

Once again our 3mm LED was called upon for video content throughout the catwalk. This 2m x 1.5m screen was a perfect size for presentations throughout the day also.

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